CET Beijing: Intensive Language

Get Closer to Fluency

Take a full load of intensive Chinese classes. Practice your Chinese in real life settings.

  • 20 hours/week of Chinese language classes
  • One-on-one sessions with an instructor
  • Full-time language pledge 
  • Out-of-classroom assignments & learning 
  • After-class help from teachers & roommates 
student writing on chalk board during language class

Intensive Chinese Language

You take 20 hours/week of Chinese language classes with some of the best teachers in the field. We flood you with new material, but we also make sure that you have plenty of time to practice it: learning family-related vocabulary in one class means reading about about China’s family planning policies in another, and then interviewing senior family members in a park after class. Need even more practice? Your one-on-one class is designed to target your particular strengths and weaknesses. 

Classes that Bring Beijing to Life

Your classes get you practicing your Chinese out in the city, where it counts. Go behind the scenes at an environmental protection NGO. Exchange stories about food, sports, and culture with students at a local high school. Discuss diplomacy with US diplomats. Head to a restaurant with your teacher, and ask the server about menu items before ordering.

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Full-Time Language Pledge

All students uphold a full-time Chinese language pledge, even beginners. There’s no denying that speaking Chinese 24/7 is hard. But we think it’s absolutely worth the effort. (And past students agree with us.) Just wait until the first time you wake up in the morning and realize that you dreamed in Chinese….

Committed Teachers...And Friends

This program has been perfecting the art of language teaching since 1982. The teachers are dedicated, patient, and highly skilled. Word by word, phrase by phrase, they help you make the Chinese language your own. The best part? You get to see these wonderful teachers outside of class, too. On Fridays, each class heads out to lunch to celebrate the end of the week. It’s not long before your teacher feels like a friend…a friend who helps you learn to speak great Chinese.

Curriculum & Syllabi

Beginning & Intermediate

You are placed into one of these courses:

CL101 Beginning Chinese
17 credits
CL151 Advanced Beginning Chinese
17 credits
CL201 Intermediate Chinese
17 credits
CL261 Intermediate High Chinese
17 credits


You are placed into this course:

CL301 Pre-Advanced Chinese
14 credits

You choose one of these electives:

CL313 Intermediate Chinese Newpaper
3 credits
CL314 Chinese Literature
3 credits
CL315 Intermediate Business Chinese
3 credits

Advanced & High Advanced

You are placed into one of these courses:

CL401 Advanced Chinese
13 credits
CL501 High-Advanced Chinese
13 credits

You take this course:

CL416/CL516 Classical Chinese
2 credits

You choose one of these electives:

CL413 Advanced Chinese Newspaper
3 credits
CL414 Chinese Literature
3 credits
CL415 Advanced Business Chinese
3 credits
CL417 Advanced Colloquial Chinese
3 credits
CL512 Independent Study
3 credits

Faculty Advisory Committee

CET maintains a faculty advisory committee of US-based scholars that provides guidance and expertise, and helps shape program development.

Dr. Madeline Chu

Kalamazoo College

Professor of Chinese Language and Literature

Dr. Shu-chin Tsui

Bowdoin College

Professor of Asian Studies and Cinema Studies

Dr. Baozhang He

College of the Holy Cross

Associate Professor of Chinese

Dr. Theresa Jen

University of Pennsylvania

Director, Lauder Chinese Language and Culture Program

Dr. Xianmin Liu

Vanderbilt University

Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Chinese Language Program Coordinator

Dr. Jingheng Ma

Wellesley College

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Scott McGinnis

Defense Language Institute

Academic Advisor, Professor

Dr. Claudia Ross

College of the Holy Cross

Professor of Chinese

Teacher Training & Development

Because the success of the program starts in the classroom, CET continually fine-tunes its faculty training and professional development programs.

  • Mentoring and demo-teaching. Each new teacher is paired with a seasoned lead teacher for one-on-one mentorship and feedback.
  • Group preparation sessions. All instructors prepare lessons as a group, ensuring that classes in each level remain cohesive and integrated.
  • Ongoing class observations & peer critiquing. Classes are monitored daily, and each instructor has at least one class session video-taped for peer review.
  • Teaching positions at US schools. CET facilitates temporary US teaching contracts for many instructors, and has sent faculty to teach at the Middlebury Summer School every year since 1997.

Workshops by US Scholars

Continuing a tradition that started in 1996, CET invites US scholars to conduct teacher training workshops annually.

Bai Jianhua, Kenyon College
Feng Yu, Brandeis University
Chu Chengzhi, University of California, Davis
Li Kai, Oberlin College
Liu Fang, Oberlin College
He Baozhang, College of the Holy Cross
Ao Qun, United States Military Academy
Liu Yuehua, Harvard University
Cecilia Chang, Williams College
Cornelius Kubler, Williams College
Hu Wenze, United States Naval Academy