Study Abroad in China: Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing

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Beijing, China: Is this study abroad program for you? CET Beijing students are fully immersed in Chinese language learning. They take a full load of intensive Chinese language classes and make exceptional strides in their language skills over the course of the term. They live with Chinese roommates, attend Chinese language excursions and abide by a full-time Chinese language pledge. This program is for serious students of all language levels, from beginners to heritage learners. Spring semester students can up the ante by tacking January Term onto their study abroad plans.

Study Abroad in Beijing, China: Features

  • Intensive academics, with at least 20 hours/week of Chinese language classes
  • Auxiliary language classes in Chinese TV, character writing, newspaper, business, and literature
  • Full-time Chinese language pledge
  • Chinese roommates
  • No language prerequisite for the fall, spring and summer terms
  • January Term: open to students with at least 3 semesters of previous Chinese language study

Study Abroad in Beijing, China: Details

Semester Fall
Application Deadline 05/01/13 10/15/13 11/01/13 03/01/14 05/01/14
Program Length 15 weeks 4 weeks 16 weeks 9 weeks 16 weeks
Arrival Date 08/28/13 12/27/13 02/12/14 06/11/14 08/27/14
Program Break Sept 30-Oct 4 NA April 7-11 NA TBA
Departure Date 12/16/13 01/28/14 06/02/14 08/11/14 12/15/14
Program Fee $12,590 $4,190 $13,490 $6,990 $13,490
Recommended Credits 17 to 18 5 17 to 18 8 17 to 18