Health & Safety

CET Safety Policy

Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Student safety is the first priority for CET Academic Programs. CET is committed to operating programs in locations considered safe for American citizens. If the US Department of State recommends evacuation for an area where we operate a study abroad program, the program will be canceled and students will be brought home. In addition, CET closely monitors all Department of State travel warnings. Such travel warnings have helped CET executives make program decisions in the past.

CET Staff

Every CET program is managed by at least one resident staff member who speaks the local language fluently, has lived or studied in the local city, and is trained by senior CET staff. Every CET program is also flanked by longstanding local partners, such as universities or educational organizations, the administrators of which support CET on-site staff and assist in times of crisis. Resident staff members communicate with the CET Washington, DC office every day. The Washington, DC office is staffed by study abroad professionals who have lived and worked in our program locations.

In times of emergency, you may reach a member of the CET Washington, DC staff 24 hours a day by dialing our number (800.225.4262) and listening to the recorded directions.

Responding to Crises

CET has been operating study abroad programs since 1982. Over the course of our history, we’ve faced a number of emergencies. When students face danger overseas, our resident staff and Washington office discuss appropriate safety measures. These could include:

  • Simply discussing precautions with students.
  • Restricting their movements (Fall 2001—all locations, Spring 1999—China).
  • Evacuating them from the site temporarily (Spring 2011—Japan, Fall 2005—China).
  • Evacuating them permanently and cancelling the program (Spring 2011—Syria, Spring 2003—China, Summer 1989—China).

CET works closely with Travel-On, a travel agency with both the connections and experience needed to help CET students leave a country quickly in a crisis situation.

Medical Facilities and International Insurance

HTH LogoCET provides students with travel health insurance through the international health carrier, HTH Worldwide. The insurance is comprehensive and includes evacuation coverage for both individual medical emergencies and group non-medical emergencies, such as political uprisings or natural disasters. CET also furnishes students with information about international health clinics available to them while they are overseas. In-network facilities bill HTH insurance directly, so students do not need to pay out of pocket up front. Pre- or post-program international insurance and trip cancellation insurance can also be purchased on the HTH website at the student’s expense.

Some home institutions require that students enroll in a different or supplemental insurance option. Information regarding individual insurance policies can be obtained by contacting the home institution study abroad office.

Health and Safety Information

CET is committed to providing students with up-to-date, site-specific information about health and safety at their specific program. First, students may refer to the Health and Safety FAQs on our website. Before departure, they also receive a detailed handbook and attend an on-line orientation session with a CET staff member who is well versed in the program and its region. Once on site, overseas staff provide students with guidance and instructions about how to prevent and respond to any emergency situation or medical needs.

The Role of the US Department of State

CET carefully monitors public announcements and travel warnings issued by the US Department of State. We ask all US students to register with local consulates/embassies, and our resident staff receive frequent direct communications from these local offices. Because we operate programs for the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in China, our China staff also have regular contact with State Department employees. We hope you will also consult State Department advisories. They can be found at the Department of State travel website. Additional useful information can be found on individual US embassy websites.

CET Emergency Contact

In the case of emergency, please call 800.225.4262.  A CET staff member can be reached 24 hours a day through this number.