What I Miss Most From Jordan

Written by Cecilia Pou Jové (Williams College), Student Correspondent CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Spring 2018

After the end of my program, I feel conflicted. Although in many ways I was excited to return to much of the costumes and routines I had while living back home, I was unprepared to feel the void of leaving CET. Here are some of the things I miss the most:

1. The food

I don’t think I realized the true beauty of fresh food until I got to Jordan. While back home most things are imported and extremely expensive, I admired how most of the daily foods I consumed had ingredients straight from farms near Amman.

2. The learning

Although I am grateful to rest this summer and catch up on all my favorite shows, I feel a sense of boredom in the absence of my challenging lessons. Every day in the classroom was difficult and fast-paced, but I learned to process and learn sooo much new information.

3. The friends

CET allowed me to befriend people from all around the U.S. and Jordan, which I am forever grateful for. The last night was a tear fest as I hugged and said goodbye to all those who helped me survive and thrive in this new environment.