What do I need to do to apply to a college study abroad program?

To apply, click the “Apply Now” button on the page of the program you’ve selected. Find our application deadlines here.

The application includes:

  • Application form.
  • Official transcript. Official transcripts may be scanned and uploaded, e-transcripts may be submitted, or hard copy official transcripts may be sent in a sealed, signed envelope.
  • One letter of recommendation. If you applying to a language intensive program, the recommendation should come from a language instructor. If you are applying to any other program OR if you are an absolute beginner in the program’s target language, the recommendation may come from a faculty member in any field.
  • Home Institution Approval Form/Waiver. The Home Institution Approval Form is completed by a staff member of the study abroad office at your college or university. If you are not seeking credit for your program through a home institution, you may submit the Home Institution Approval Waiver.
  • Language evaluation form. For programs with language pre-requisites. Students in their first year of language study should submit one paragraph in the target language. Students in or beyond their second year of language study should submit two paragraphs in the target language or submit a one-page composition recently completed for a language class.
  • Other items depending on the program. You may be asked to provide a portfolio, course selections, a visa application, and/or other program-specific elements.