Sao Paulo: Lost in Translation

Photos by Adeyemi Olatunde, (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) CET Brazil, Spring 2017

On our first day at the university (PUC-SP) two current students gave us a tour of the university. They showed us how to get around and spoke a little bit about the history of the campus.


PUC’s campus, though small, it is a space that appreciates the creative expression of its students through multiple mediums.


The urban façade of Sao Paulo: I’m lost for words. It is truly something to hold in awe.


On this day, with two fellow CET peeps, we spoke about our classes, our impression of Brazil and our hopes for the rest of the semester. On this program, I have met some truly interesting characters that I will influence how I shall see and interact with the world in the future.


“While abroad, you gotta get pics for the ‘gram!“ That’s just one of the many perks of studying abroad, you get the opportunity to live in a new city and experience it with new eyes therefore show others in your world the experiences that you engage with on a daily basis.


The expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings are ubiquitous on public space across the city, as previously seen on PUC’s campus. However it does beg the ever-important question about who has the right to public space and if the government should engage with the policing of public space?


Upon completion of this program, I hope to have somewhat of a bearing of this expansive global city. As a geography and urban planning major it has been a pleasure to live in a metropolis such as Sao Paulo. It has really allowed me to connect my theoretical understanding to specific places.


On Wednesday, eat feijoada. Feijoada is a stew of beans with beef and pork. It is normally served with rice, greens, pepper stew and pork cracklings. Although it is best served with a cold lemon caipirinha.


Pre-Bloco Hues. Bloquinhos are street parties that happen during carnival, this a time of pure anarchy as the streets are taken up by hoardes of people, it is definitely a sight to behold.


Post-Bloco Blues. I really miss bloquinhos!