CET Vietnam: Development Studies

Mekong Delta

Meet the Mekong

Step out of Ho Chi Minh City and see how development is altering communities and livelihoods on the Mekong River Delta. Witness these changes firsthand (by boat and on foot!) as CET faculty teach you about disappearing traditional trades and the flight of Vietnamese youth from rural to urban areas. Sit down with experts for a dialogue on the effects of upstream dam construction and the resulting social upheaval on the Mekong Delta. Discuss how cuisine has helped shape cultural identities in Vietnam as a chef teaches you to make local dishes. It’s a full weekend and it’s on us—just pack your bags.

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Unwinding in Ho Chi Minh City

All of your studying, interning, and traveling will call for some relaxation! Luckily, Ho Chi Minh City offers plenty of ways to unwind. Go for a stroll in the Botanical Gardens. Hunt for the best banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) with your roommate. Explore the city’s booming art scene. Try every variation of fresh fruit smoothie. Take a tour of the colonial French villas in District 1. Have dinner with classmates at a rooftop restaurant high above the Saigon River. See an A O Show, which combines music and acrobatics to portray the country’s urbanization.

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Student Voice

Get some advice on eating in restaurants and exploring Vietnamese cuisine with Sharon Phu (Yale University), a CET Vietnam student from Spring 2018, in her guide to “Neighborhood Good Eats.”