CET Jordan: Internship

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Matthew Stebenne

CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Spring 2017
American University
[email protected]

“The spring 2017 group of students in Jordan were from many different backgrounds and had an array of reasons and motivations behind going to Jordan and studying language. I was able to see that some students do not go abroad solely for language (unlike myself) and fly thousands of miles away from home to learn about food, culture, or to reconnect with family ties. As an alumnus of CET I enjoy hearing the plethora of reasons why future CET students and alumni choose/chose to study in Jordan. Anyone who knows me knows that I am able to talk about Arabic for hours. I’m always willing to help students gain more insight into Jordan, CET, and Arabic language regardless of the task.”

Julie Murray

CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Spring 2017
Tufts University
[email protected]

It sounds cliche, but going abroad and studying in an immersive environment was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did I have a ton of fun and get to explore a new country and its culture, but my Arabic is so much better than it had been (comparing two and a half years of study in an American university to only a few months with CET). I am more confident in my Arabic skills because of the small size yet challenging classes and the amazing professors, language partners, and local roommates that were always supportive and understanding, and this has translated into a more general confidence. Study abroad is not always easy, but CET did everything possible to facilitate a great experience, and I cannot emphasize enough how much I gained from my time in Jordan.

Sean Rumage

CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
University of Virginia
[email protected]

“There are a lot of programs that enable you to learn Arabic in Amman, but none will match the language instruction with CET. When the professors say that they are there for you 24/7, they truly mean it – they will answer your questions any hour of the day. Since the program is embedded inside of the university, you have an incredible amount of resources available to you, which is great for language learning. Also, the program gives you a lot of free reign to explore the city, country, and region, which a lot of other programs have restricted, so that is good.”