CET Jordan: Intensive Language

Amman, Jordan

As Jordan’s cultural capital, Amman is the place to be—it’s lively, diverse, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to take your Arabic language skills for a spin.

Explore Amman’s traditional side: check out the Friday flea market, or pick up some za’atar (thyme spice blend) at the spice market for relatives back home. Head to Wasat Al-Balad and watch the sunset from the Citadel after dinner at the legendary restaurant Hashem. Or enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan perks: see a concert with friends, explore the many art galleries, or sip on Arabic coffee after enjoying street art in Lweibdeh. And if you need a break from city life, go and see the beautiful canyons and waterfalls outside of town. Exploration is rewarded in a place like Amman.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share an off-campus apartment with local roommates and other CET students. Everything you need—supermarkets, cafés, restaurants—is within walking distance. Your housing is not just a place to live, it’s an extension of your Arabic language classroom and a daily opportunity for cultural exchange. You’ll use your language skills to help you navigate your new life, and immerse yourself in Jordanian culture and customs. Studying in Jordan will be different from college life in the US, but the insight, friendships, and experiences you gain will stay with you long after the program ends.

For meals, take your pick of the city’s many cheap eats. Be sure to try mansaf, the national dish of roasted lamb served over rice. Or let your roommate help you prepare a simple dinner of hummus and mutabbel (eggplant with tahini) for your new Jordanian friends.

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Local Roommates

Moving to Amman is quite an adjustment—classes are harder, your surroundings are new, and the culture is foreign—so we set you up with local roommates to help you acclimate to your new life abroad. Want to learn where to get the best kanafe (cheese pastry topped with syrup and pistachios)? Need to discuss some unexpected culture shock? Looking to practice a tricky grammar pattern? Sharing an apartment with a local roommate gives you instant insider access to the city, language, and culture. More importantly, it gives you someone to enjoy the city, language, and culture with.

The University of Jordan

The program is based at The University of Jordan in Amman, a large institution of over 35,000 students. The large campus offers many resources, including access to the library, green spaces, and a running track. You’ll also receive a UJ student ID card, which will get you reduced fees at many of the city’s historical and archaeological sites.

Conveniently situated, the CET Center is located within the Office of International Relations building. This is where you’ll take your classes, meet with staff, use the wifi, or just hang out with peers.

Staying Safe in the Middle East

The Middle East is undeniably a volatile part of the world. However, Jordan is a safe and stable country within the region. We wouldn’t send students there, or ask staff to live there, if it weren’t.

In addition, we carefully monitor the situation in the Middle East using every resource at our fingertips: local staff, contacts in the field, a wide array of news sources, and the US Department of State. We also maintain person-to-person contact with the US Embassy in Amman.

We use this information to keep you, your parents, and your school informed about important security matters on our News & Alerts page. And when warranted, we take prompt action, like program evacuation or relocation.

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