CET Siena

Siena, Italy

Don’t let its size fool you—Siena’s small-town feel is exactly what makes this thriving city a crowd favorite. Alumni rave about its energy and sense of community that invite you to participate in Italian life as soon as your feet touch the ground. Converse with friendly locals in Italian and discover the deep connection residents have to the city and their contrada (districts with origins dating back to medieval times). Bump into your neighbors at the open-air market. Stroll down winding brick alleyways. Enjoy a plate of pici al cinghiale (pasta with wild boar sauce). Do homework overlooking il Campo.

There are plenty of words to describe Siena—enjoyable, beautiful, picturesque, charming. But the best word is simply “home.” And when your busy weekend exploring Rome or Berlin is over, it’ll be nice to feel you’re returning home.

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Live with an Italian Family

Housing option 1

See how a family birthday is celebrated in an Italian home. Watch TV with your host dad and ask him his views about Italian politics. Get your host mom to teach you the secret to making her delicious marinara sauce. Living in a homestay gives you a chance at true immersion and exchange. Your host family will love learning about your culture, and more importantly, they will love sharing theirs with you.

Live with a Local Roommate

Housing option 2

You can learn everything you need to know about Italian college life from a local roommate. How to haggle at the mercato (market). The latest slang. The best gelato shops. Some roommates invite CET students back to their home for dinner or a weekend away, giving them a glimpse of Italian family life, too.

Roommates are local university students selected by CET. If you choose this option, you’ll share your apartment with other CET students and one local roommate.

Student Voice

Interested in seeing what living in Siena is really like? Take a look at Morgan Ryan’s photo essay over on our blog.

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CET Center

All courses are held at the CET Center, centrally located on Via Montanini. Students will enjoy a picturesque commute to class as they weave through side streets of the historic city center and pass cafés, bars, and restaurants.  Once class is out, there’s plenty of space to hang out, study, or even just chat with staff.

Accommodations & Meals

Whether you choose to live with a host family or share an apartment with an Italian roommate, you’ll live within the historic city center, in a fully furnished space (your own room in a homestay, a shared room in an apartment), and enjoy a kitchen, laundry facilities, and internet access.

If you stay in a homestay, you’ll eat breakfasts and dinners with your family. For other meals, or if you stay in an apartment, cook for yourself or take your pick of Siena’s many restaurants and cafés offering mouthwatering food.