CET Siena

What is the Traveling Seminar?

The Traveling Seminar is a mid-semester, 4-day trip to the Italian island of Sicily, on the Mediterranean Sea. The journey brings to life the cultural theory and case studies discussed in the Intercultural Communication: Italy in Sienese and Sicilian Contexts course. You’ll experience and learn first-hand about Sicilian history and traditions, stereotypes about Sicily, and the island’s cultural and religious diversity.

See it for Yourself

You’ve done the readings, now it’s time to put your feet on the ground. Learn from local students as they discuss identity, stereotypes, and their regional cultures and traditions. Meet with an anti-mafia group for a dialogue on organized crime and its effects on modern Sicily. See how food traditions are pertinent to understanding Italian culture as you taste Sicilian dishes. Explore the Monastero dei Benedettini and learn of its influence on Catania. This is learning at its best.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Palermo. Group lunch followed by walking tour of Palermo. Bus to Catania.

Day 2: Hike Mount Etna. Tour of Catania and Sicilian street food tour. Dinner with local students.

Day 3: Discussion on organized crime with anti-mafia group. Guided tour of Monastero dei Benedettini. Group dinner.

Day 4: Visit Catania’s famous fish market followed by free time to explore on your own. Return to Siena.