CET Florence: Film Production & Acting

Excursion to Rome Italy

Group Trip to Rome & Tivoli

Let us check must-see Rome off of your travel checklist! You’ll take a four-day trip with us to Rome and Tivoli, a summer retreat for ancient Romans. In Rome, tour the Vatican, see the Sistine Chapel, explore the Colosseum. In Tivoli, take a guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site Hadrian’s Villa and explore the charming town center. We handle the logistics, and we make sure there’s plenty of free time built in…for touring, tasting, or simply finding a quiet corner to sit and enjoy the beauty.

Activities around Florence

Climb the Duomo’s cupola for a panoramic view of the city. Enjoy an aperitivo with peers and local Italians. Take a pizza-making class. Head to the beach at Viareggio in the fall. Watch the Carnevale parade in the winter. We arrange many activities around the city for you and your peers. Got free time? We can give you ideas for more.

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All Florence Has to Offer

What are the streets of Florence like? Where do you find the best views? How will you spend your days? In this Student Voices post, Elizabeth Persons (Vanderbilt University, Florence, Summer 2018) helps you discover the city through her pictures and words.