Intensive Language Study Abroad Programs

Why choose an intensive language program?

Local roommates. Homestays. One-on-one instruction. A language pledge. These are just some of the components of CET’s intensive language study abroad programs. So if your priority for study abroad is getting closer to fluency in a foreign language, imagine yourself discussing environmental sustainability or Sino-Russian relations in Chinese. Complete a 4-week intensive Spanish language boot camp in Córdoba, and then take STEM courses alongside Argentinean students. Or use your Italian language skills in the contrada to learn about Siena’s famous Palio horserace.

Study abroad can bring language learning front and center, and when you study abroad with CET, it won’t be long before language learning is a natural part of your daily life. You’ll pick up the latest slang from your roommate when you bargain at Shanghai’s pearl market or take a cooking class in Amman. You’ll go to festivals and on hikes with your host family, all in the language you’re studying. You can get to know your neighbors by volunteering at a soup kitchen or a local school. Mastering the local language when you study abroad gets you off the tourist map—whether you’re exploring Kyoto by bike or feasting at a night market in Taipei. When you study abroad, which language will you choose?