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Give Back... Volunteer in Amman

Two days each week, you’ll give back to the community that is hosting you. You might work Caritas and assist cooking and distributing food to local families, or at Reclaim Childhood and host soccer practices for local girls. No matter where you volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the community in your new home away from home.

Activities Around Amman

Take a cooking class. Visit the National Gallery of Fine Arts. Attend a concert with your language partner. Go for a hike in Wadi Mujib. Try a ceramics class.

Each term, the program also offers different activities that allow you to explore Amman, experience Jordanian culture, or just unwind with your friends.

Three-Day Retreat

Petra, Wadi Rum, & the Dead Sea

Take a dip in the Dead Sea and discover that you really do float. Gaze up at the Natabean ruins at Petra. Take a sunset jeep tour through the dunes at Wadi Rum, a spectacular valley formed by massive red cliffs. Learn about Bedouin culture. At night, in true Bedouin fashion, stay up late chatting, drinking tea, and playing cards with your peers, roommates, and language partners.

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A Day of Touring & Filming

Umm Qais, Ajloun, & Jerash

This is the best homework assignment you’ll ever have. Head to historic sites with your language partner and make a tourism video in Arabic. Climb to the top of Ajloun Castle for gorgeous views of the Jordanian countryside. Dance the debke (folk circle dance) with your Jordanian roommates in Jerash. Snap great shots of the Sea of Galilee at Umm Qais.