Gap at CET Siena

Experienced Faculty

Your faculty are seasoned instructors. Each has, or is working towards, a PhD in their field. Some have taught in the US and many have taught for other US study abroad programs in Italy.

We personally hire all of our faculty in Siena to ensure that the quality of instruction you have abroad is on par with what you’re accustomed to at home.

Full-Time, Bilingual, On-Site Staff

Academic staff ensure that you and your classes are a good fit. They direct the curriculum, manage the faculty, and monitor courses. Do you have particular learning needs? Do you need advice for keeping up with the class pace? The academic staff is there to help.

Programming staff help you get the most out of the program. They handle housing, excursions, and day-to-day logistics, and are trained in emergency prevention and management. Got an idea for an activity? Need to see a doctor? Just want someone to talk to? Programming staff are your best resource.

Victoria Van Luit
Victoria was born in Mexico, raised in San Diego, and has Italian citizenship as well.  She is a University of California San Diego graduate with a BA in Spanish Literature. In 1998, she participated in a UCSD study abroad program in Siena, an experience that changed her life. She met and fell in love with her Italian husband the day she arrived in Siena, and now has two beautiful daughters with him. She has worked in the study abroad field since 1999, as a Business Manager at the UC Siena Study Center for 12 years and as Marketing & Student Affairs Coordinator at Dante Alighieri Siena for five years. Victoria has a keen understanding of student cultural adjustment and other issues related to living abroad. She is committed to making the CET Siena a profound study abroad experience for all students.

Victoria Van Luit

Siena Program Director

Emiliana Caldarelli
A native Italian, Emiliana earned a Laurea in Political Science in 1996 and a Post Graduate Master in Mediterranean Studies and Islamic Finance in 2013 from the University of Florence. In 1994, during her graduate studies, she was awarded a scholarship from Rutgers University in New Jersey where she conducted a research study about the financing of political campaigns. After returning to Italy, her work has focused on educating American students in Italy. She served as coordinator for the Rutgers Study Abroad Program in Florence, and from 1997 until 2002, taught classes on Italian culture, politics and history in US university programs in Florence such as Rutgers Junior Year in Florence, Richmond College, Portland Community College and University of San Diego-Law School. Emiliana has been involved with the CET programs in Italy since their inception. She began as the CET Siena Resident Director (2001-2003), continued as the CET Florence Resident Director (2003-2004), and has served as Italy Programs Director since 2004.

Emiliana Caldarelli

Director of Italy Programs

Anna DiBiase
Anna received a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in 2006 and an MA in Italian Language and Linguistics from the Middlebury College School in Florence, Italy in 2007. She is an Italian-American dual citizen and has spent many years studying and working in Italy, with Georgetown University where she served as the Resident Coordinator, with The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai where she served as the Housing Coordinator, and with CET, where she has served as Resident Director for the Siena Program and Academic Director for Academic Affairs. Anna adores her adopted country and all of the opportunities that it has afforded her.

Anna DiBiase

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs