Gap at CET Siena

Give Back... Volunteer in Siena

Two to three afternoons a week, you’ll give back to the community that is hosting you. You might work with San Girolamo and assist in the soup kitchen and clothing drive, or work with the local senior population at the local nursing home. No matter where you volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the community in your new home away from home.

Activities in Siena

Let us take you on a day trip to Montalcino to enjoy the views. Or to Foiano della Chiana to experience the incredible floats of the oldest Carnevale celebration in Italy. On a quieter weekend, venture outside the city walls for a run in the countryside. Or get gelato in Piazza del Campo. Visit the duomo (cathedral). Shop for hand-painted ceramics. You won’t run out of ways to enjoy Siena and surrounding Tuscany with your CET friends and Italian roommates.

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A Semester in Siena

Don’t take our word for it. Let the students tell you what life is like at CET Siena! Check out this video by Stefania Mazza, Spring 2015 alumna from the University of Virginia.