Gap at CET Siena

A Well-Rounded Program for Students Who Love Italy

Study Italian language.
Go on a Traveling Seminar to Sicily.
Earn college credit.
  • Intensive Italian language
  • Traveling Seminar to Sicily 
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Out-of-classroom learning 
Piazza and tower in Siena

Gain Skills and Earn College Credit

Maybe you’ve studied Italian language for a few semesters, or perhaps your interest in the country is brand new. Either way, Siena is the perfect place to dive in and really get to know Italy. You’ll take intensive language classes and a core course alongside college undergrads, volunteer with a local organization, and live with a Sienese family. Not only will you return home with impressive language skills and international experience, you’ll have college credit ready to go when the time comes.

Traveling Seminar in Sicily

Enjoy a four-day journey in Sicily. You’ll learn about local history, see local sites, and meet with local people. Case studies come to life as you explore cultural differences through Italy, the integration of immigrants into Italian society, and how stereotypes affect communication–topics that seamlessly integrate into your core course, Intercultural Communication. And since Sicily is known for its incredible cuisine and Mediterranean coastline, we make sure you have time to eat, bask in the sunshine, and gaze at the ocean, too.

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Curriculum & Syllabi

Core Course

You take this course:

GSGS2310 Intercultural Communication: Italy in Sienese and Sicilian Contexts
3 credits
taught in English

(Crosslists as: ANTH2541 Topics in Linguistics-Italian Cultural Contexts)

Italian Language

You are placed into one of these courses:

ITAL1010.1020 Elementary Italian 1&2
8 credits

ITAL1020.2010 Elementary Italian 2 & Intermediate Italian 1
8 credits

ITAL2010.2020 Intermediate Italian 1&2
8 credits

ITAL2020.3010 Intermediate Italian 2 & Advanced Italian 1
8 credits

ITAL3040.3050 Advanced Italian 1&2
8 credits

Intermediate and advanced levels have supplemental tutorial hours not included on listed syllabi.