Gap at CET Beijing

Beijing, China

Don’t miss Beijing. This city is where the action is, and it’s where any future China-watcher should put in due time. Gaze up at a high-rise that seemed to be built overnight. Start to create your own network when you visit NGOs or conduct interviews for class. Stroll through galleries and check out coffeeshops at the 798 Art District. Visit the Olympic Stadium. Hike on sections of the Great Wall that tourists would never discover. Book a trip to Shanghai, Singapore, or even Tibet. And if all you want to do is improve your Chinese, you can do that, too, as Beijing is the home to standard Mandarin.

Students tell us that Beijing surprises them—they love the efficient subway, the way the modern city disappears when they’re exploring the hutong (alleys), the variety of street food, the incredible hospitality of their local friends. What will surprise you most about Beijing?

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Beijing Roommates

Local Roommates

Want to learn where to get the best zha jiang mian (noodles with garlic sauce)? What buses to avoid at rush hour? Where to listen to live music? Which apps help you hail a cab to dinner or order waimai (food delivery)? Sharing a room with a local roommate gives you instant insider’s access to the city, culture, and language. More importantly, it gives you someone to share all those things with.

Local roommates are students from our host university, Capital Normal University. We look for roommates who are enthusiastic about the program, interested in international life, and excited to share their culture with a new foreign friend.

Extra Support for Gap Students

With the sudden dive into intensive college-level courses, a brand new environment, and a foreign language and culture, we make sure that our gap students get a little extra support. You’ll have weekly meetings in English with the Resident Director and other gap students to unpack your experiences. Overwhelmed by culture shock? Need ideas for how to bond with your roommate? Or maybe you just want to share the details on your favorite new breakfast spot. These weekly meetings provide a safe space for gap students to discuss and reflect, though all students are always welcome to approach staff with any issues.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a room with a local roommate in a dormitory on CNU’s main campus. The building is for CET students only in an all-Chinese area of campus, away from other foreigners. You won’t hear much English on your way to play ping pong or run on the track.

The recently renovated dorm space is “like a hotel,” in the words of one former student. Rooms offer new furnishings, private bathrooms, and wi-fi access.

For meals, cook in the shared kitchen, or take your pick of campus cafeterias, nearby noodle shops, or neighborhood restaurants.