Gap at CET Beijing

Get Closer to Fluency

Take a full load of intensive Chinese classes. Practice your Chinese in real life settings.

  • 20+ hours/week of Chinese language classes
  • One-on-one sessions with an instructor
  • Full-time language pledge 
  • Out-of-classroom assignments & learning 
  • After-class help from teachers & roommates 

Jump-Start Your Chinese and Earn College Credit

Perhaps you’re interested in a China-related career, or maybe you’re just looking for an immersive challenge with a critical language. Either way, a gap program at CET Beijing will set you up with college credits, impressive language gains, and the insight to give your college career a running start. You’ll take intensive Chinese language classes with some of the best teachers in the field, alongside highly motivated gap students and college undergrads majoring in Mandarin. With regular one-on-one sessions, a full-time language pledge, and in-country immersion, this program will push your skills to the next level. And you don’t just study Chinese, you learn how to study Chinese—so you’ll start college with the knowledge, experience, and study habits to set you apart from your peers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your classes get you practicing your Chinese out in the city, where it counts. During semesters, your curriculum slows down for a theme-based week of language practice. These weeks have you practicing the Chinese you’ve learned as you interview locals and prepare an in-class presentation on your findings. Past themes have included China’s environmental issues, the Chinese hukou (household registration) system, traditions and modernization, and gender equality. In the summers, you might present at the CET Beijing Education Summit, or attend Renmin University’s China-USA Student Leaders Financial Dialogue and discuss green finance.

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Fall/Spring Curriculum & Syllabi

Beginning & Intermediate

You are placed into one of these courses:

BJ/LANG 100 Beginning Chinese
17 credits
BJ/LANG 150 Advanced Beginning Chinese
17 credits
BJ/LANG 200 Intermediate Chinese
17 credits
BJ/LANG 250 Intermediate High Chinese
17 credits


You are placed into this course:

BJ/LANG 300 Pre-Advanced Chinese
14 credits

You choose one of these electives:

BJ/LANG 320 Intermediate Chinese Newpaper
3 credits
BJ/LANG 340 Intermediate Business Chinese
3 credits

Advanced & Advanced High

You are placed into one of these courses:

BJ/LANG 400 Advanced Chinese
13 credits
BJ/LANG 500 Advanced High Chinese
13 credits

You take this course:

BJ/LANG 416 & BJ/LANG 516 Classical Chinese
2 credits

You choose one of these electives:

BJ/LANG 420 Advanced Chinese Newspaper
3 credits
BJ/LANG 440 Advanced Business Chinese
3 credits
BJ/LANG 455 Independent Study
3 credits

Summer Curriculum & Syllabi