Photography at FAMU

FAMU faculty

Faculty Mentors from FAMU

Your main instructor and mentor is Štěpánka Stein, an award-winning documentary photographer. Stein teaches one of the program’s core courses, Fine Art Photography & Workshop. Your other core course, Imagery, Ambiguity & Culture, is taught by Thomas Pospech, an art curator and professor of art history focusing on photography. Electives are taught by other faculty from the host institution—FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

All faculty hold an MFA or PhD. Many have taught at FAMU for over a decade, and some have taught at universities in the United States. But more importantly, FAMU faculty serve as mentors. They share their knowledge and expertise and then give you the same autonomy as local students. This means you have plenty of freedom to discover new approaches and refine your creative process. This is hands-on learning at its best.

Full-Time, Bilingual, On-Site Staff

Attending a celebrated foreign institution like FAMU can be challenging, but CET staff are there to help you adjust to Czech university life. On-site staff oversee the curriculum, manage the faculty, and monitor courses. They handle housing, excursions, and day-to-day logistics. CET staff will also help set you up with realistic expectations, so that you won’t be surprised if class has to be canceled to accommodate a visiting artist or exhibit opening. And if there’s ever an emergency, rest assured that they have been trained in emergency prevention and management too. Do you have particular learning needs? Need to see a doctor? Talk to the on-site staff. They are there to help.
Kim Strozewski
Kim graduated with a Dual MA in History and Slavic Area Studies from The Ohio State University in 2001. Her historical research focused on the experience of Roma (Gypsies) in the Protectorate of Bohemia during the Second World War. While completing coursework towards her PhD in Central/East European History at the University of Michigan, Kim taught courses on the Holocaust and World War II as well as European History. She was awarded the Václav Havel Fellowship in Czech Studies in 2001, a FLAS Polish language fellowship in 2000, and a FLAS Czech language fellowship in 1997. She has lived and researched in Prague, Krakow and Budapest and has worked for International Human Rights organizations in the region. She likes to hike and ski in the Tatra and Krkonose mountains, preferably with a guide. Kim is dedicated to helping her students discover Prague and adjust to living in the Czech Republic.

Kim Strozewski

Director of Prague Programs, Resident Director for Photography Program