Photography at FAMU

Prague, Czech Republic

See the stunning Charles Bridge at sunrise. Stop at a street vendor for an apple strudel on your way to Prague Castle. Go for a joyride on the tram then check out the latest exhibit at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. Grab your roommate for a hike in the bohemian paradise of Český Ráj. Or just get lost in the beautiful cobblestone backstreets all over town.

You simply couldn’t choose a better backdrop for your art. What image will you remember best?

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Exploring Prague

Enjoy the views because your new city is a photogenic one. No matter where you’re strolling you’re likely to run into something photo-worthy.  And if you need a break from behind the lens, your Prague bucket list is going to be long. Enjoy the perks of living in “the world’s greenest city” by reading in the park. Go paddle boating in the river on a nice day. See a world-class play at one of the city’s many beautiful theaters. Museum hop from the National Gallery to the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, then relax at a cozy café. Prague is waiting for you.
Student Voice

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a spacious apartment with CET peers and possibly a Czech roommate. Apartments are wonderful—centrally located and perfect for soaking in the experience of being a young artist in an incredible city.

Apartments are fully furnished with washing machines and wifi access.

For meals, take your pick of local restaurants and eateries, or cook for yourself in your apartment kitchen.

Getting Around Prague

Buses, metros, and trams in Prague are clean, frequent, and timely. And we provide you a transportation pass so you can explore the city and never have to worry about cost.

CET has a center in the heart of Prague, a short walk from famous Wenceslas Square. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the apartments to the CET center, and the getting there is part of the fun—you might pass the Prague Castle or cross the Vltava River along the way.