New Media at FAMU

Overnight to a Medieval Town

Join CET students from other Prague programs on an overnight to Český Krumlov. This is a beautiful, medieval castle town on the Austrian border. Tour the castle, shop for ceramics, visit galleries, dance with a Roma music band, and breathe in the country air on this lovely weekend getaway.

Exploring the Local Arts Scene

Enjoy an invitation to art exhibition previews (vernissages) around Prague. Go to the National Theater, stroll around New Media art festivals, visit a new gallery every week. The Prague arts scene is vibrant, colorful, and brimming with activity. And you will be a part of it.

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Trips That Take You Beyond Prague

Experience a 3-day trip to Munich, Germany. Travel with other CET at FAMU students as you go to a film studio, tour a film museum, take a guided tour of the city, and have time to explore on your own with CET peers. You might even find new inspiration to take back to Prague and incorporate into your final project.

Let Prague Inspire You

Grab a camera and head out the door. Get lost on winding streets. People-watch in the historic Old Town. Take a tram to the end of the line. Mingle with members of the Prague art community. Go to a noise-rock concert. Wander through your neighborhood. Shop for hand-painted Czech Easter eggs with your roommate. You will never be short of inspiration in this stunning city.