Film Production at FAMU

Overnight to a Medieval Town

Join CET students from other Prague programs on an overnight to Český Krumlov. This is a beautiful, medieval castle town on the Austrian border. Tour the castle, shop for ceramics, visit galleries, dance with a Roma music band, and breathe in the country air on this lovely weekend getaway.

Film Festivals

You’ll attend a Czech film festival during your semester in Prague. In the fall, you might go to Kamera OKO (Cinematographer Festival) in Ostrava or Jihlava Documentary Festival in Jihlava. In the spring, you might go to Brno to the One World Festival or the Euro Screen Fest. Wherever you go, you can surround yourself with Czech and Central European culture, talk to filmmakers, attend screenings, and see rare films.

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3-Day Trip to Germany

Travel to the country that brought you such classics as Metropolis and M. See Berlin in the fall or Munich in the spring. You’ll go to a film studio, tour a film museum, take a guided tour of the city, and have time to explore on your own with CET peers. You might even find new inspiration to take back to Prague and include in your next scriptwriting session.