Film Production at FAMU

Produce Your Own Film

This is real filmmaking. Write a script, cast your actors and work with production teams. Use professional equipment. Attend a 3-day workshop on lighting design.
  • 16mm, 35mm, digital, narrative, or documentary
  • Your film project guides your semester 
  • Electives in all aspects of film production 
  • Courses taught in English 
  • Czech language instruction

Narrative Filmmaking

You can choose to produce a 7- to 10-minute narrative film. You’ll probably use 16mm, but if you’re a fall student with previous filmmaking experience, you can apply to work in 35mm. FAMU faculty provide you with guidance, as you and your group pitch ideas, create storyboards, set lighting, direct shots, and edit takes.  Not only do you work with a small team of students, but you also collaborate with professional camera assistants, sound designers, and color graders. You’ll create more than just a film. You’ll gain international experience working alongside Czech peers from start to finish.
Student Voice

Documentary Filmmaking

Experienced students attending FAMU in the fall can opt for the documentary track. You’ll take specialized documentary camera classes and produce a 7- to 10-minute digital documentary for your final project. Study the history of Central European documentary. Attend the renowned Jihlava International Documentary Festival. Work independently or collaborate with a team. You’ll also complete a second, shorter project (like the one here) that gets you out into the streets of Prague with a Bolex camera.

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This is your chance to learn from the experienced filmmakers teaching at FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. You’ll directly enroll in FAMU courses like Film Technology & Practice, your core class taught exclusively for CET students. As a FAMU student, you’ll dive into the film production process while your day-to-day reflects the fast pace, fluidity, and occasional unpredictability of industry life. As a CET student, you’ll study Czech language, travel to explore German film culture, and even receive a budget for your film project. With FAMU’s unbeatable facilities and expert faculty paired with CET’s 30+ years of experience in study abroad, all you have to do is bring the ideas.

Lighting Workshop

Practice your technical skills during a 3-day workshop at a FAMU studio. Experiment with lighting design. Learn the appropriate lighting for indoor, outdoor, evening, candlelight, and mood-eliciting shots. Get your hands on a professional camera. When you’re done, head to Barrandov film studios, the MGM of Prague, and conduct a telecine transfer of your footage. All under the supervision of a FAMU camera technology professor.

Curriculum & Syllabi

Are you a CET student from Fall 2018 or prior? You can find your syllabi here.

Core Course on Film Production

A FAMU course taught exclusively for CET students. FAMU faculty guide you through the process of creating your group’s film.

PR/FILM 410 Film Technology & Practice
9 credits

One to Three Electives

Many electives at FAMU International are open to CET students. Subjects include acting, cinematography, soundtrack aesthetics, producing, directing, script analysis. Take 1-3 electives to meet the recommended 14-18 total credits.

FAMU Electives
1 to 2.5 credits each
More on credits

Czech Language

You take 20 hours of survival Czech in the first week, and reduced class hours after that. Most students are Czech language beginners, but if you’ve taken Czech before, we have a class for you, too.

PR/LANG 100 Beginning Czech Language
3 credits

Faculty Advisory Committee

CET maintains a faculty advisory committee of US-based scholars that provides guidance and expertise, and helps shape program development.

John Douglass

American University

Associate Professor, School of Communications

Gary Griffin

American University

Filmmaker in Residence, School of Communication

Sean Griffin

Southern Methodist University

Professor, Meadows Division of Film and Media Arts

Pavel Jech

Chapman University

Professor, Artistic Faculty, Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts 

Alice Lovejoy

University of Minnesota

Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

Miso Suchy

Syracuse University

Associate Professor, Department of Transmedia Studies

ECTS Credit Conversion

CET recommends credits for FAMU elective courses according to the standard 2:1 ECTS conversion ratio that is used at most US colleges and universities. This means that if you enroll in a 3-credit course at FAMU, we will recommend that you earn 1.5 credits. That said, final credit allocations are always ultimately at the discretion of your home school. Please check with your home school about credit conversions before you leave the US.