CET Prague

Overnight to a Medieval Town

Join CET students from other Prague programs on an overnight to Český Krumlov. This is a beautiful, medieval town on the Austrian border. Tour the castle, shop for ceramics, visit galleries, dance with a Roma music band, and breathe in the country air.

Day Trip to Kutná Hora

You’ll spend the day exploring this quaint, picturesque mining town. At Sedlec Ossuary, see thousands of bones from Plague victims arranged by a 19th-century woodcarver. Wander up to St. Barbara’s Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site, to marvel at the beautiful Gothic ceilings. Put on a mining uniform and descend into the town’s deep silver mines.

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Hear From Those Who Were There

Learn history from those who experienced it. Past students have been shown the Terezín concentration camp by a Holocaust survivor, lead through Lidice (a village destroyed in WWII) by a survivor who was a child at the time, and heard from a former political prisoner about Jáchymov (site of former Communist labor camps).

Unwinding in Prague

Stroll through a modern art museum. Visit Karlštejn Castle. Go to a food festival. The program arranges activities for you to get to enjoy Prague alongside your Czech buddies. The Czech buddies also organize cooking classes, hikes, and (always a favorite) weekend trips to their hometowns.
Volunteering at UNICEF

Giving Back

Community service is part of the program. You may work at the Lauder Schools (the only Jewish schools in the Czech Republic), organize a Halloween party for disadvantaged children, or engage with the elderly at a community center.

If you’re interested in getting credit for extended volunteering, we can set you up at a local non-profit or NGO. Volunteer at an organization like Political Prisoners, Project “Buddy” (Kámoš), or the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.