CET Beijing: Internship

Outstanding Faculty

Chinese studies faculty teach your electives. They typically hold, or are working towards, a PhD in their field, and have experience teaching US undergraduates, either in the United States or at another study abroad program of similar caliber.

Chinese language instructors are seasoned teachers, hand-picked by CET from universities around the city. Most instructors have graduate degrees in Chinese or Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and have experience teaching US students.

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Full-Time, Bilingual, On-Site Staff

Academic staff ensure that you and your classes are a good fit. They direct the curriculum, manage the faculty, and monitor courses. Do you have particular learning needs? Do you need advice for keeping up with the class pace? The academic staff is there to help.

Programming staff help you get the most out of the program. They handle housing, excursions, and day-to-day logistics, and are trained in emergency prevention and management. Got an idea for an activity? Need to see a doctor? Just want someone to talk to? The programming staff are your best resource.

Zuo Cui
A native of Shaanxi Province, Zuo Cui first joined CET as a Chinese roommate in 2004. She joined the staff of the Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing program in 2005, working there for five years in various capacities, including Office Manager and Assistant Resident Director. After a brief stint at the International Culture and Creativity Industrial Group in Beijing in 2010, she realized how much she missed working with CET students. She returned to CET as the Resident Director of the Chinese Studies program, and intends to make International Education her life’s work. Having lived in Beijing for almost a decade, Zuo Cui is an excellent resource for students who want to learn more about Beijing life and culture. She enjoys helping all of her students immerse themselves in this fantastic city.

Zuo Cui

Resident Director

Chen Yanyan

Chen Yanyan

Chinese Language Coordinator