CET Beijing: Internship

Activities Around Beijing

Put your Chinese to use bargaining for pearls at Hongqiao Market. Go to an acrobatics show with your roommate. Get up in time for a jianbing (breakfast crêpe) and spend the day at the Temple of Heaven. Join a campus club. Take a martial arts class, or sing your heart out at karaoke night.

Each term, the program offers different activities that allow you to explore Beijing and Chinese culture. Attend them with your roommate and your classmates.

Overnight Trip to a New City

Explore a new city with your classmates and roommates—Xi’an to visit the terracotta warriors and the famous Muslim Quarters, or Hangzhou to see the Dragon Tea Garden and bike around beautiful West Lake. Every term is different. And half the fun is getter there. Playing cards on an overnight train ride is a great way to make new friends.

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Hear it Straight from the Alumni...

The group overnight trip to Hangzhou. A independent “Girls Trip” to Pingyao. A cooking class (complete with vegetarian options). In this Student Voices post, Amanda Johnson (Kalamazoo College, Beijing Fall 2015) shares her Top Ten list in the program. And along the way, she shares her tips for how you can get the most out of your time in this “absolutely wonderful” city.