CET Beijing: Internship

Hands-On Learning About China

Conduct an internship.
Study Chinese language.
Take electives.
  • A well-rounded program for students interested in China 
  • Internships + an internship course 
  • Electives taught in English 
  • Out-of-classroom learning 
  • Chinese language courses that cover one year of material in a semester 



Recommended Credits


You can choose to participate in an internship an organization in Beijing. Why intern? Because you can gain practical experience, improve language skills, build your résumé, and get an insider’s view of Beijing all at the same time. Internships also allow you to give back to the local community that is hosting you.

Internship Possibilities

We make every attempt to match you with a placement of your choice, but the actual projects you do will be determined by your host organization.

  • Guang’anmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  • Beijing LGBT Center
  • Huiling Center for People with Mental Disabilities
  • Capital Associates Law Firm
  • The Hutong, cultural activity center
  • Tuanjiehu Senior Citizens Language Center
  • Beijing Cultural Heritage Preservation Center
  • WeConnect, promoting women in entrepreneurship
  • Thirst, environmental NGO
  • Hello Chinese, app startup enterprise
  • Starfish Project, helping trafficked and exploited women
  • Little Adoption Shop Animal Shelter

Electives That Show You China

You’ll choose electives in history, politics, environment, or film that cut to the core of China and take you right to the heart of Beijing. Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine and tour a hospital—complete with an acupuncture and qigong demonstration. Enroll in Understanding Modern China and visit Tian’anmen Square and the Lama Temple. Your classes are a gateway to the culture, whether you’re new to China or already considering a China-focused career. 

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A Language Program in an Internship Program

You don’t have to choose between a program that focuses on language and one that offers internships—you can get both. CET has been in China since 1982 and has perfected the art of Chinese language teaching. The language classes in this program are simply some of the best you’ll ever have. And as a part of those classes, you’ll even have weekly one-on-one sessions that target technical as well as colloquial Chinese. Has your internship piqued your interest in Chinese law? Your one-on-one teacher can supply you with all of the legal vocabulary you need. Need your language skills to match your interest in elder care or health services? Bring your questions to your one-on-one, then deliver when you’re out in the community.

Backstage Pass to Beijing

As a CET student, you will benefit from the program’s longstanding connections in Beijing. Visit a historic hutong (alley) and interview merchants at a farmer’s market—then chat with a local family over tea. Teach a class on American culture at a school for the children of migrant workers. Tour the US Embassy. Help coordinate Beijing’s Queer Film Festival.

Curriculum & Syllabi


If you choose to participate in an internship, you’ll work at your internship placement for at least 10 hours/week.

You also take this course:

CS/INTS210 Internship: Bridging Theory and Practice

3 credits for course + placement

Chinese Language

You are placed into one of these courses:

CL101 Beginning Chinese
10 credits
CL151 Advanced Beginning Chinese
10 credits
CL201 Intermediate Chinese
10 credits
CL261 Intermediate High Chinese
10 credits
CL301 Pre-Advanced Chinese
10 credits
CL401 Advanced Chinese
10 credits

Faculty Advisory Committee

CET maintains a faculty advisory committee of US-based scholars that provides guidance and expertise, and helps shape program development.

Dr. Rebecca Clothey

Drexel University

Assistant Professor, School of Education
Case Study Advisor, Center for Public Policy

Dr. Ken Hammond

New Mexico State University

Professor of History

Dr. Nancy Riley

Bowdoin College

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Helen Schneider

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Associate Professor of History
Professor of East Asian Languages & Cultures

Dr. Yan Sun

Gettysburg College

Chairperson and Associate Professor of Art and Art History

Dr. Shu-Chin Tsui

Bowdoin College

Professor of Asian Studies and Cinema Studies

Course Availability

Our goal is to offer every single course every term, but sometimes factors like faculty availability and program enrollment keep us from reaching that goal. If you’re concerned about needing to enroll in any one particular course, please contact us! We’ll try our best to get you the course you need.