CET Shanghai

Living with a Local Roommate

Insider's Access to China

You can learn everything you need to know about Chinese college life from your local roommate. The hottest Chinese pop songs. The latest slang. Even where to go fencing in Shanghai. Some roommates invite CET students back to their home for dinner or a weekend away, giving them a glimpse of Chinese family life, too.

It’s no wonder students often tell us that their roommate is “one of the best parts of the program.”

Who Are The Local Roommates?

Local roommates are Donghua University students selected by CET. We recruit the very best, and we always have more interest than space. Our roommates are outgoing, enthusiastic about the program, and excited to share their culture with a new foreign friend.

Most roommates have some English ability, but many of your conversations will be in Chinese. And when a language class assignment requires you to interview a local, feel free to ask your roommate! Chances are you’ll find a willing participant.