CET Beijing: Intensive Language

Living with a Local Roommate

Insider's Access to China

You can learn everything you need to know about Chinese college life from your local roommate. The hottest Chinese social media. The latest slang. The best place to get shuan rou (hot pot). Strategies for haggling at the Pearl Market. Some roommates invite CET students back to their home for dinner or a weekend away, giving them a glimpse of Chinese family life, too.

It’s no wonder students often tell us that their roommate is “one of the best parts of the program.”

Who Are The Local Roommates?

Local roommates are Capital Normal University students selected by CET. Roommates are excited to be a part of the program and share their culture with a new foreign friend.

More than just living companions, roommates are incorporated into the academic side of the program, too. They serve as a “living language lab” and help students with pronunciation. They assist with homework. They collaborate with students on in-class reports. And they do all of this under the same Chinese language pledge as the students. English practice is not the goal.