CET Brazil

Giving Back

Teach at Arca do Saber (The Knowledge Ark), an after-school center for at-risk children. Work at Nosso Sonho, experts in art therapy for children and adults with disabilities. Or lend a hand to refugees at ADUS or Abraço Cultural. At its best, study abroad does more than transform you. It equips you with the awareness and skills to give back. That’s why volunteering is central to this program. Whether your focus is poverty, politics, or economics, your work with a local organization will help you understand the dynamics that shape your new community.

Overnight Trip to Paraty

Spend the weekend in Paraty, a colonial city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Tour colonial sites and monuments. Hike a waterfall. Meet with locals. Visit Ilha do Araújo, an island community that practices sustainable living. Take a tour, learn traditional fishing techniques, then feast on fresh seafood on the beach.

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Activities Around São Paulo

Visit a samba school and watch rehearsals for the school’s performance at Carnaval. Explore Serra de Cantareira, the second largest native urban forest in the world. Head to Embu das Artes, a nearby town that comes alive on the weekends with artisan markets, food stands, and street music.

Each term offers different activities and day trips. Attend them with your roommate and your classmates.