Photo Essay: UW in India

Photos by Katie Dyer (Virginia Tech) Student Correspondent UW in India, Summer 2017

The beaches were crowded but still a lot of fun. It was nice to get a break from the Indian heat in the Indian Ocean.


This is one of the many beautiful temples that line the streets of Varanasi. Upon entering this city, you can tell almost instantly how important religion is to everyone.


The monsoon has started and the Ganges is swelling. A couple weeks ago, we were playing cricket in the exact spot that the water buffalo are now bathing in!


We’ve made friends with the neighborhood dog, Brownie. He’s so sweet and we all love seeing him every day on our walk to school. Here is a picture of McKenna with Brownie snuggled in her arms.


We visited the ruins of Buddha’s ancient monastery in Saranath. It had a beautiful garden with peacocks and we were able to feed the deer next door!


We visited the burning Ghats along the Ganges. It is a very sacred site for Hindus. It is believed that if you die and are burned at the ghats in Varanasi that you will achieve Nirvana and break the cycle of reincarnation.


We visited the famous Blue Lassi shop near Godowlia in Varanasi. Lassi is a classic Indian milk based drink. Mango is a popular flavor, however, you can create whatever combination you’d like.


In Goa we enjoyed amazing south Indian cuisine, live music and dancing!


Our group made a weekend trip to Goa! This is the coast line of Baga beach in north Goa.