Photo Essay: UW in India

Photos by Katie Dyer, (Virginia Tech) Student Correspondent UW in India, Spring 2017


We visited Lolark Kund. It is located in a temple in Varanasi. Lolark Kund is known to cure skin diseases, help with fertility, and other miracles.


We watched an Agni Pooja (Worship to Fire) at Dashashwamedh Ghat. An Agni Pooja is where a dedication is made to Lord Shiva, River Ganges, the Sun, Fire, and the whole universe.


We attended an evening Sitar concert and became more accustomed to traditional Indian music.


We visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the presidential palace. This was formerly known as Viceroy’s House and is the official home of the President of India, located in New Delhi. We saw ball rooms, dining rooms, museum of artifacts, and the beautiful Mughal Gardens.


A picture of an Auto at the capitol in Delhi. Autos are an efficient, crazy, and fun mode of transportation


We visited Lodi gardens on our first day in Delhi for orientation. Lodi gardens is a city park in New Delhi, India and contains, Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad (pictured above) and Bara Gumbad.


We all enjoyed a refreshing sunset boat ride along the Ganges River. We could see all the Ghats that line the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi. These Ghats are very religious sites for many Hindus.


We visited the Mughal Emperor Humayun’s tomb in Delhi. It was the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent, and is said to be the precursor to the Taj Mahal.


Here are the steps of Assi Ghat at 5am. Most people wake up very early and explore the Ghats. They are busy with yoga, chi sellers, boat sellers, religious rituals, flower booths, visitors, and people bathing in the Ganges.