Photo Essay: Middlebury School in China-Beijing

Photos by Chunmei McKernan, (Smith College) Student Correspondent Middlebury School in China: Beijing, Spring 2017

A lion-like dog, our hosts’ pet, rests at Chen Jiapu, a village outside the Great Wall.


MiC students begin their hike on The Great Wall.


MiC students take a break to take selfies on The Great Wall.


We had a late night snack of s’mores after a long day of hiking!


MiC students and teachers pose for a silly photo at 798 Art District.


Teachers and a student ponder over menu choices at Chinese Table.


Chinese students sing karaoke at KTV.


My roommate Xiaoyi and I try our hands at Chinese painting.


MiC students and Chinese roommates smile after buying ingredients and making Chinese food.