Photo Essay: MIC Beijing

Photos by Bao Lin Xu, (Student Correspondent) Middlebury College
C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in China in Beijing, Spring 2015

2015 spring_our new friend preparing Beijing's famous roasted duck for us (restaurant with friends)_Bao Lin Xu

Our new friend preparing Beijing’s famous roasted duck for us.

2015 spring-climbing the Great Wall in rural China (the Great Wall with Spencer Baron and the group)_Bao Lin Xu

Climbing the Great Wall in rural China.

2015 spring-new friends and old at the New Years Festival (Festival with Angelica Segura and friends)_Bao Lin Xu

New friends and old at the New Years Festival.

2015 spring-Starbucks in China (streets of Beijing with friends)_Bao Lin Xu

Starbucks in China

2015 spring-under the good luck tree (New Years Festivalwith AngelicaSegura )_Bao Lin Xu

Under the good luck tree at the New Year Festival.

2015spring-climbing down the Great Wall (The Great Wall with my group)_Bao Lin Xu

Climbing down the Great Wall.

spring2015-may your feet never touch the ground (New Years Festival_me)_Bao Lin Xu

May your feet never touch the ground. (New Years Festival)