Photo Essay: CET Vietnam

Photos by Nina Tran (University of Wisconsin- Madison), Student Correspondent CET Vietnam, Summer 2019

Calling all the people who love to sing! Karaoke is a popular activity in Vietnam. If you come to Hồ Chí Minh City, you will see elaborate karaoke bars everywhere. We booked a private room and jammed out to all types of songs. Here is Hằng and Như belching out Miley Cyrus’ song “Wrecking Ball.”


Weasel coffee is a delicacy in Da Lat. One kg of weasel coffee beans cost 1000.00 US dollars, but a cup will only cost you 5.00. I went to a coffee shop where the owner took me on a tour of her weasel farm and explained how the coffee process occurs. If you are a coffee lover, then make sure to try a cup if you are ever in Da Lat.


If you are adventurous, cat-lovers like my pals Andre, Olivia, and Aidan here, you would love all the friendly kittens here in Vietnam. We were having dinner when this furry friend came up to us.


I met some of the sweetest kids while visiting a different district along the canal. They were standing on their porch waving and saying hello. I asked if I could take a picture with them, and they were more than happy to take one. There are super friendly locals wherever you go.


One temple in Hồ Chí Minh City provides you with the option to hang spiraling incense blessings. You write down an intention or name of what it is you are blessing. I chose to bless my family, so I wrote our family name on the parchment.


I obviously had to incorporate another green food into my blog again! This time it is pesto pasta from a restaurant called Pizza 4P. We celebrated Independence Day (July 4th in the U.S.), and CET provided us with a four-course meal.


If you are like me and need a good mani/pedi once in a while, Silk Waxworks is definitely the place to go. Located only 10 minutes from the guesthouse, you can take a motorbike there and get pampered. The service was really great as well as the quality.


Tip: Remember to take your mask off before taking a picture. This is an almost, complete group picture of Summer 2019 CET: Vietnam. Right after this picture, we went to go get some dumplings.


One activity to do on the weekend is attend the “Hello Weekend” market. A group of us went to this market and enjoyed Shish Kebabs and large cups of Vietnamese dessert called Chè.


Cover photo caption: I went to a café called “The Dreamer,” and it was Da-Latful. The view was incredible, and my avocado smoothie tasted great. This café has different lounging areas for you to sit and enjoy your beverage. The scenery was aesthetically pleasing, and the environment was very calming.