Photo Essay: CET Vietnam

Photos by Tina Chiem, (Clark University) Student Correspondent CET Vietnam, Spring 2019

(CETvn Guesthouse) Sectioned view of my (quite large, though not pictured) room! Currently sitting on my roommate’s bed looking out at the window. The photo’s got an an intense pink hue because the windows are tinted red (I assume to lessen the effect of the sun’s strong rays). It’s the first time I’ve had tinted windows like this!


(Lê Văn Tâm Park) A photo of Phoebe! Photo taken as Anh Vũ, our program’s Resident Director, was giving us a short walking tour around (the very touristy) District 1 (D1) of Hồ Chí Minh City.


(Tân Định Church) Still on the walking tour! There’s a lot to see in District 1, and this church is definitely an interesting spot to see. I believe it was just recently that the church was repainted with this bright pink color.


(Bến Nghé Ward) Our first night together in Vietnam! We went out for dinner in this part of District 1; there’s a large open space to walk around and there are many shops, restaurants, street vendors selling all kinds of things. Although I’m unsure of what this building is. It was just large and very impressive. If anyone knows what this building is, lmk!


(Chợ Bến Thành) Nước Mía!! Sugarcane juice – you can see the cô (auntie) here pressing fresh sugarcane to sell. Phung had been craving nước mía for a while, and she was finally able to get some!


(Somewhere in D1) On my way to Vietnamese class! Really trying not to get run over as I focus on picture taking and not street crossing. Aaaaanyways, I don’t know of any other place in the world with motorcycle culture like this. It’s unique in itself, but makes me wonder about air quality and people’s health in dense cities like Hồ Chí Minh.


(VSL Class) After my 3 ½ hour long Vietnamese class. My teacher told me to take a picture of the board instead of copying down the sentence structure because she saw that my brain died after 3 hours of class. I’m so grateful for her ahhhhh!


(CETvn Guesthouse) Come to CETvn and get them rooftop views! The guesthouse is honestly so nice. This photo was taken on the 5th floor of the house, and while other buildings do tower around it, the view is still gorgeous!! The only other thing I could want is sunset views!!


(Bingsu World) Alright, I’m sorry that the first food picture I’m adding isn’t even of Vietnamese food. But we finally got bingsu!! Korean shaved ice. We really waited so long to go. Although there’s surprisingly a lot of places that sell in in D1. Anyways, enjoy the before and after pics! We’re a crazy extra mess haha.


(Bingsu World)


(Đường Sách) Me and my roommate Như!! // we cute don’t even fight // Photo taken as we were trying to complete a CET sponsored scavenger hunt, which really got us around D1! It was mad tiring, but we won laundry detergent and gift cards to Phuc Long (Vietnamese coffee and tea chain) in the end!