Photo Essay: CET Vietnam

Photos by Aaron Carrillo (University of Kansas) Student Correspondent CET Vietnam, Summer 2017

Channel side church built in 1930 by the French.


Chom Chom, or rambutan growing in an orchard of such.


Traditional music night with three guitar cousins.


Entrance that “leads” to an adventure with our tour guide.


82 years of age and still managing her rice paper making business. Here she is demonstrating the process of steaming the rice paste into paper.


More pieces done at the pottery factory in Tỉnh Vĩnh Long, Vietnam.


Pottery factory in Tỉnh Vĩnh Long, Vietnam.


Immaculate rooms on the island of Xã Hoà Ninh during the CET sponsored Mekong Delta Trip.


The private shower during the Mekong Delta Trip.


CET on its Mekong Delta trip.