Ho Chi Minh City in Action

Photos by Aaron Carrillo (University of Kansas) Student Correspondent CET Vietnam, Summer 2017

Chợ Đêm Market in central Vūng Tàu. This market is known for its ocean fresh seafood!

Photo taken from a pedestrian pass over, a busy intersection in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Taken at 5:53 am, the sunrise from a Dragon Fruit Farm in Tỉnh Long An.

5 o’clock traffic in District 4.

Displaying HCMC’s Skydeck from the outskirts of District 1.

Examples of Vietnam’s trash problem. Initiative has been taken to keep the city’s water clean.

Group bonding! Having Cà Phê with our new roommates, the first night they joined us.

The SkyDeck, fifty floors high, this prolific building offers a 360 degree view of Ho Chi Minh City.

Sitting area right outside the guesthouse rooms. The Guest House offers wifi, laundry services, and the nicest employees always willing to help.

Overview of Vung Tau city, with the Pacific Ocean out in the distant.