Photo Essay: CET Siena

Photos by Morgan Ryan, Student Correspondent (University of Virginia) CET Siena, Fall 2017


On our traveling seminar to Sicily, we first stopped at the restaurant Antica Focacceria S. Franceso in Palermo during our anti-pizzo tour based on the topic of the Mafia. This restaurant Is not only significant for its traditional Sicilian food but it also had a direct problem with the Mafia. The owner at the time pointed out his extortionist to the police during an important trial. Since then they have not paid the pizzo and are anti-mafia.


Sicilian food

A dish we were served from the Sicilian restaurant Antica Focacceria S. Francesco in Palermo filled with amazing traditional food of the Sicilian culture such as the infamous Arracinio.


My mom and my little sister are caught in the act of taking a selfie while we were leaving Saint Peters Square in Rome. They were visiting me along with my Grandparents during my fall break here in Italy.


Pope giving a blessing

During my fall break, I made a trip to Rome with my family to Saint Peters Square. We were fortunate enough to see Pope Francis give his blessing on Sunday! I was truly in amazement as the Pope spoke and it is a memory I will never forget.



I was able to capture a man in Florence while in Piazzale Michelangelo painting the beautiful Tuscan countryside. This reminded me of my drawing/painting hobby I have picked up since I have been studying abroad in Siena.


Bardini Gardens

We visited the Bardini Gardens in Florence and saw all of the beautiful trees, plants, and views of Florence. My Grandparents are pictures smiling away and enjoying their vacation time out of the country.


I had to capture this iconic moment as our guide took us on an infamous gondola rides throughout the Venice canals.


Gondola ride

My Grandfather and I are enjoying our time on our once in a lifetime Gondola ride.



The beautiful canals of Venice are opening up to the Adriatic Sea alongside the colorful buildings. Venice was such a unique place to visit. If you ever have a chance to go you should!


Rome Colosseum

While we were in Rome, we also visited the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. You are able to see from inside the Forum the ruins along with the Colosseum in the background.


street performer

Street performers in New York have nothing on the street performers in Rome. Out of all of the places that I have visited in my life, I have never seen a man floating on thin air. This guy needs his own show.


As we’re beginning our journey along Mount Etna’s trail I stopped to gaze at the beauty while my professor Federica and classmate Laura photobombed me!


Ana and Raven are posing in front of Mount Etna which is the most active volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world! Needless to say, the floor was lava.