Photo Essay: CET Siena

Photos by Morgan Ryan, Student Correspondent (University of Virginia) CET Siena, Fall 2017


My roommate is pictured above partaking in the classic pose of holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. Believe it or not, there were so many people surrounding the leaning tower trying to get their infamous picture. We were lucky enough to get one so good. My roommate was ecstatic.


Pisa graffiti

As we were exploring other parts of Pisa we happened to come across some graffiti. The irony of this picture is absolutely perfect from the experience of Pisa and being surrounded by so many people taking pictures with the leaning tower. The author of this picture probably believes the tower deserves its peace too.


Naples Archeological Museum

This is an exhibit inside of Naples Archeological Museum that captures a lot of the artistry surrounding ancient times. The way the statues are laying on a bed of sand in the museum was something that was unusual to see. So, I had the opportunity to provide a different viewing point of traditional statues.


large Naples statue

Also in the Naples Archeological Museum were many, many statues ranging from small sizes to extremely large sizes. I decided to take a picture next to one and show the real-life size of these humongous statues. I am pictured as a small 5’4 girl and next to me is a larger than life woman named Giustina.


While staying in Naples we also took a trip to the ruins of Pompeii. Pictured is the central area of Pompeii with the temple of Jupiter in front of the infamous volcano Vesuvius. The remaining structures were phenomenal to see considering how old they are and everything that they have been to. We were also able to pay our respects to the victims of the eruption.
Besides the many people who were visiting Pompeii, there was also a stray dog we happened to come across while venturing out into the large ruins of Pompeii. It was an emphasis to me on the dog culture in Italy. There are dogs everywhere either with their owner or in this case alone in the ruins of Pompeii.


making pastries

As an activity for our Intercultural Communications class we were able to visit a local bakery here in Siena known as Corsini Bakery. We tasted the traditional sweet breads known as panforte that are important to the Sienese culture and we were also able to make our own pastries as a group! They were delicious!



As we made our way into Portoferraio, a town on the island of Elba, we were able to see the iconic views from our ferry ride. It is the island’s largest city full of different beaches and amazing local seafood and other traditional pasta dishes.


Elba beach

During our trip to Elba we also had the opportunity to go to a beach that was nearby where we were staying. The water was insanely clear and the cliffs hanging over the beach reminded me of Cinque Terre. However, for a more peaceful getaway I would recommend Elba. The town of Portoferraio is also a very friendly, quiet town which is perfect for relaxation.


horseback riding

Jean, Raven, and I went horseback riding among the Tuscan hills in Chiusi which is a town and commune in the province of Siena. We went through the woods, saw the sunset, and gained skills of horseback riding. An experience I will never forget.


Chiesa di San Giorgio; local band

In front of the Chiesa di San Giorgio was a local band performing for the people of Siena. Throughout the month of October there have been different concerts available for guests to enjoy and we were able to share these experiences alongside local students who go to the universities here in Siena.



I was able to capture the trumpet player close up along with the colors of the monitor in the background. I believe this photo embodies the truly fun atmosphere that Siena nightlife has to offer while providing free, entertaining music performances.