Photo Essay: CET Siena

Photos by Morgan Ryan, Student Correspondent (University of Virginia) CET Siena, Fall 2017

The Piazza del Campo in Siena is where the annual Palio is held twice a year, each year. It is also an open space where people love to visit the surrounding restaurants, gelato bars, or just sit on the ground and share each other’s company.


An interesting fact about the Inside the Palazzo Publico is this is where the annual Palio horses are kept before the races. Also, if you look up, you can see the Torre del Mangia which is the tower you see.


A traditional Italian secondo dish with meat, potatoes and salad. This dish was served along with many others on the very first day I arrived in Siena. My classmates and I dined in the beautiful Piazza del Campo that was pictured earlier.


A different view of the Torre del Mangia at night. You can also see the traditional Italian architecture featuring the different colored buildings and classic window shutters.


The light that is shown is one of the many that perch from the buildings of Siena. This is one symbol that showcases the different Contradas within Siena. This light is representing the Porcupine Contrada. You can also see the Porcupine Contrada’s blue, white, and red flag alongside the light and around the same flag around the people’s shoulders walking underneath.


I am pictured with the beautiful vineyard of the Dievole Winery. As a class we were able to visit the vineyard as well as go inside to see the various machinery, learn where the wine is kept and also learn how the wine is created from grapes.


Here are the grapes that belong to the Dievole Winery’s vineyard. We were surprisingly allowed to taste these exact grapes. They were truly like no other grape I have tasted before. The classic color speaks for itself.


The multitude of red wines that were in a showcase during our wine tasting as a class. The variety of wine and the aesthetic of these bottles really shows a long tradition of wine and how important wine is to Italy’s culture.


Grace and Whatley are enjoying a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste the wines of Italy at a local winery. We were taught how to classically taste wine and even offered different cheeses to pair with the wines we were tasting.


My weekend getaway to Monterosso in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is along the Italian Rivera and literally means “five lands”. It hosts different villages that people can visit to either enjoy the beautiful scenery, hike, lay on the beach, or try the local produce.


I wanted to showcase how unbelievably beautiful the water was at Monterosso, especially as the waves crashed against the rocks. It was like nothing I had ever seen before with my own eyes. The crystal-clear water was breath taking.


Although I was in Italy and not in the United States, I noticed a family and their beach toys as they were packing up to leave. I saw a Lightning McQueen bucket, which is a race car from the American movie Cars. It made me feel closer to home even though I am so far away. I also was surprised at the sight of something so familiar during my childhood was also present in another child’s life in a completely different country, but years later.


My classmate Grace is showcasing the feeling myself and the three-other people in our travel group had when we stepped foot onto the beach of Monterosso. The atmosphere and scenery was absolutely incredible. We soaked up every moment we could by spending all day exploring Monterosso following the rest of the weekend exploring Cinque Terre.