Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Chloe Chang (George Washington University) Student Correspondent CET Shanghai, Fall 2017

Milky Way

The CET Shanghai roommates took their first weekend trip to Jinji Mountain in Zhejiang Province. We climbed for over an hour to reach the top of the highest peak in that mountain range and stayed overnight at a Taoist monastery. Pictured is the midnight view of the clear starry skies and the Milky Way.


Shanghai’s Power Station Art Museum

Shanghai’s Power Station Art Museum is an old power station converted into a modern art museum and exhibition space. I went with my roommate to see some of China’s most talented artists’ work and here is acclaimed artist, Li Shan, and his exploration into BioArt.


Disney Shanghai

My roommate and I took a trip to Disney Shanghai and even though it was raining all day, we had a fun time exploring the park and riding amusement rides. Disney in Shanghai is different from the ones in America and have unique features like Chinese cuisine and a Chinese-speaking Jack Sparrow.


Jing’an Temple

Jing’an Temple is a Buddhist temple right in the heart of Shanghai, surrounded by skyscrapers. It is a peaceful oasis for Buddhists and people of all backgrounds. I was lucky enough to go on a day where there were no people and I was able to appreciate the architecture and chants of the monks.


Jing’an Temple at nigh

Jing’an Temple at night is even more spectacular as it looks like a golden city when lit up. This is also during rush hour, so you can see the contrast in the ancient temple and the modern struggles of Shanghainese commuting after work.


converted slaughterhouse

The 1933 Slaughterhouse is the world’s only standing concrete slaughterhouse in the world. It was built in 1933 and used to carry cattle along the airbridges that are shown in the picture. The corridors and airbridges come in varying widths in order to regulate the flow of cattle through the slaughterhouse. Today, it has been transformed into a commercial space for startups, design studios and creative spaces.


making tea

Jason, a local Chinese roommate from Guangdong, shares a passion for tea and brought his own tea table into his dorm room. It was my first time seeing Chinese tea traditionally prepared on a tea table and we were able to share some delicious tea as Jason explained the process and ritual of making tea.


Old City bamboo

Unlike America’s use of metal, when there is construction going on, the Chinese build bamboo platforms to help them paint, build, and repair buildings. Here in the Old City of Shanghai, there are hundreds of renovation projects going on along every street being started by the Chinese government in order to restore and improve the building conditions of the neighborhood.


Shuyin garden

Built in 1763, the Shuyin garden is a private residence of a family that has now left China for Canada. Only the daughter remains in order to take care of the slowly decaying property. She explained to us how when she was a little girl, her entire family (this includes grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) lived in this large property and it was completely different. After the Cultural Revolution when the Communist Party destroyed many of these large residences and after numerous typhoons, the buildings have collapsed and few stand. But there is still parts of the property like this courtyard which show the detailed engravings and relief sculptures carved into the walls, doors, and entrances, like the one above our heads.