Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Stevia Tedjawiguna (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Student Correspondent CET Shanghai, Summer 2017

Shanghai Grand Theater. Located in a People’s Square.


This is taken in marriage market where parents or grandparents trying to find their children a partner. A unique sight in People’s Park, Shanghai. This is the example of their resume.


They put the resume on an umbrella and surprisingly, there are way more people that I imagined it’s going to be.


JingAnSi (JingAn Temple). It is right by the JingAn metro station. This area is a high-end area.


Nitrogen ice cream place located in JingAn Temple area. This is Sunkist flavor.


This one is Lychee Rose flavor I believe. Really good.


And this is my favorite one, Matcha ice cream with brownie.


This is a Brazil buffet restaurant in Shenzhen. There are wide varieties of skewers, and the waiters go around to every table to serve the skewers.


One of the small stalls in Yu Garden. I bought this dough figurine for my parents, and they look very similar. However, it is quite expensive. You can find a cheaper one like this in Chinese famous online App called TaoBao.