Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Stevia Tedjawiguna (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Student Correspondent CET Shanghai, Summer 2017

Our weekend trip arranged by CET. We went hiking and went into a cave. It was a fun experience, and this was the view on the way up.


The last day of the weekend trip, after rafting and eating lunch, CET students played basketball, enjoyed the view, and chatted with friends while waiting for the bus to depart. The view was amazing!

A high-speed train.


A park in ChangZhou. It was a very big and beautiful park. I saw some people karaoke-ing on corners of the park. Quite an interesting view.


A famous temple in ChangZhou can be seen from the park.


An example of the view from the high-speed train. This is also one of the advantages of taking the train. You will be entertained by the beautiful views of cities, countryside, and mountains.