Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Stevia Tedjawiguna (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Student Correspondent  CET Shanghai, Summer 2017


This is me, another CET student, and our roommates. It was a fun and great bonding time!


This is Donghua University in Songjiang. Donghua University has 2 campuses, one in Songjiang and one in Yan’an. CET office and all Chinese classes are held in Yan’an campus. Yan’an is closer to downtown whereas Songjiang is more peaceful. My roommate is from Songjiang campus, so she took me there to look around.


The must-go-to place to visit in Shanghai. This place is called 外滩 a.k.a the Bund. My roommate took me here on the day I just arrived in Shanghai.


A day-trip to WuZhen. It is a Chinese old city just 30 minutes away by high speed train from Shanghai. CET arranged the trip for us and our roommates. It is an experience that cannot be missed.