Photo Essay: CET Prague

Photos by Sienna Willis, (Smith College) Student Correspondent for CET Prague Spring 2018

Friends by Charles River

By far my favorite day in Prague so far was a free day of exploring with a few of my friends from my apartment. This was taken in front of the Charles Bridge with a view of Prague Castle, which we later walked up to.


City rooftops

This photo was taken on a tour of the city provided by CET, and my first time seeing the view of the city from the castle. The sun had set and snow was falling, making the city seem even more magical than usual.


Ivy covered window

Having four months to explore a new city means you’re always finding hidden treasures. While wandering around the Castle District my friends and I found this beautiful hidden garden tucked away behind a restaurant.



After a long day of wandering, we headed to Letná for a snack! Letná is part of Prague 7, so it was nice to explore and area none of us had visited before. Waf-Waf was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


A few days later my roommate and I visited Malá Strana, the area of Prague located across the river from old town. The area is filled with beautiful buildings decorated in vibrant colors, and it’s easy to get lost in the winding streets.


Český Krumlov castle

This photo was taken on our weekend trip to Český Krumlov that was provided by CET. The town’s most prominent feature is a beautifully preserved castle–the second largest in the country after the Prague Castle.


A few friends taking a rest after a long day of exploring Český. We visited a photography museum, climbed the castle tower, and made sure to eat a few Trdelníks.



My roommates, Anyu and Julia, and I enjoying the view from the castle. After being in the city for two weeks, it was nice to see a different area of the Czech Republic, and a little bit of the countryside. Once the weekend was over, though, we couldn’t wait to get back to our little apartment on Slezská.


Food at cafe

After getting back from Český Krumlov, I needed to get a little studying done. My friend Sophie and I found a cute cafe about 10 minutes from our apartment, and we couldn’t resist trying some of their toast. I would highly recommend the beet and goat cheese toast at Café Jen!