Photo Essay: CET Prague

Photos by Eliza Singleton, (Elon University) Student Correspondent for CET Prague Fall 2017

There’s nothing quite like Prague’s Christmas markets! Old Town Square has one of the biggest celebrations in Central Europe.


This is one of my favorite photos from my resistance and dissent class to show how far Prague has come since the Soviet occupation in 1969. The largest protests the country saw were right in Wenceslas Square!



Stacks on stacks: finals edition. Thankfully the library plenty of resources for all of your finals needs.



Studying for Czech isn’t so bad if you have a good cup of coffee and a quiche, which is never too hard to find in Prague.


Cheers to our last night in Prague!


Farewell dinner

It was sad to say goodbye to me friends at the farewell dinner but at least Prague brought us all together!


CET center

Even with the hundreds of cafe’s in Prague, the CET building is still one of my favorite places to do work.


Budapest eye

Thanks to the traveling seminar I got to go to one of my favorite places by far: Budapest. The Budapest eye definitely has the best view of the city!


What’s the best cafe in Prague for students? Cafe Du has everything for your studying needs: fast wifi, friendly staff, great food, and its open late. You can even buy a student pass to have 24/7 access.