Photo Essay: CET Prague

Written by Eliza Singleton, (Elon University) Student Correspondent for CET Prague Fall 2017

John Lennon wall

Can you ever really get enough of the John Lennon Wall? Thankfully if your friends are visiting, its a great excuse for another photo shoot!


Prague castle is just as beautiful afar as it is up close (and a nice sun set doesn't hurt either).

Prague castle is just as beautiful afar as it is up close (and a nice sun set doesn’t hurt either).


art exhibit

Prague has to be one of the reigning champions for obscure and odd art. My favorite has to be the nervous trees exhibit for its use of ordinary objects in the most bizarre ways.


street scene

The key to the perfect Saturday morning is going to the farmers market by the Vltava river for crepes, fresh produce, and even some great live music.


When you catch a whiff of the trdelnik stand.


Fall leaves

Mikulov was definitely one of my favorite destinations during the traveling seminar. The small town had so much nature growing around it so fall was the perfect time to see it in its prime!


With only a little over a month left, I can already feel myself missing the sunsets in Prague. Charles Bridge is definitely one of the best spots in town to enjoy the view.


With everyone a little homesick, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to throw a friendsgiving party. It was a great way to show the Czech buddies our appreciation for all they do and let them see what the traditionally American Holiday is like.


photos of friends

Thanks to CET, I now have friends from all over the country who I’ve met in Prague through the program.