Photo Essay: CET Kunming

Photos by Tiana Neuerburg, (University of Washington) Student Correspondent CET Kunming, Summer 2017

Our last weekend excursion was to Fuxian Lake (pictured above). It started out with rain, but towards the end, it turned out to be more beautiful. Fuxian lake seemed more like a beach at that point.


Pictured is one of the Fourth Year Chinese 小班课. That day, we had a free discussion about America and China’s relationship. Our teachers kindly provided us with donuts and Flower Pastries (鲜花饼), which are a speciality to Yunnan.


Pictured is a look at a well-known restaurant in Kunming. It’s located in the Flower and Bird Market (花鸟市场) and was once a wealthy Chinese family’s home.


A picture of one of the stray cats that roam around Yunnan University. There are at least 20 stray cats that have made their home on Yunnan University’s campus.


A group of friends and I headed to Puzhehei (普者黑) and rode a horse carriage (马车) to the various scenic sights. Puzhehei is best known for its beautiful scenery, lotus flowers and rolling hills (小山).


A picture of the Stone Forest (石林), which is the only UNESCO World Heritage site near Kunming. It’s characterized by tall rock formations that once were completely submerged. Thus, if you look closely at one of the rocks, you can find fossils and tiny shell pieces embedded in the rock.


After our weekly test, I and a few other CET students went out to try bullfrog (牛蛙). It’s surprisingly good, you would never guess what type of meat it was by the taste.


A farmers market nearby our school where one can buy all sorts of fresh produce, fruits, meats, seafood, and Yunan speciality foods. Most foods are also pretty cheap!